Feasibility Study

MCDA provides a full range of feasibility studies across a wide variety of sectors, including government/public and non-profit sectors.

Offering Comprehensive Approach

Bespoke to the clients’ need and project, MCDA uses established research methods and analytical tools to provide a detailed overview of the primary issues related to each project. MCDA’s reports consider every aspect and possible outcome of the potential project, assessing the likelihood of success/failure.

International Benchmarking & Customization

In order to fully meet each client’s need, MCDA ensures that all of its feasibility studies are supplemented with the use of international examples and best practices that are applied into the context of the client’s location and culture.

Overall, MCDA’s approach examines three major areas related to the client’s particular context;

  • Market issues
  • Organizational/technical issues, and
  • Financial issues.

Following a thorough study, MCDA’s analysis also provides an insight into the necessary steps that should be taken in order to achieve the maximum outcome for each project.