Sales Performance Improvement

An organization’s sales force is one of the most important facets of its image to the outside world. It represents its people on the ground, the one-to-one interaction point with customers and the main driver of business. At MCDA, we use proven methodologies and best practices to help ensure that your sales force is the reliable pillar that it needs to be.

The Process

The process begins with an educational step, which ensures that sales teams have a deep understanding of the organization’s products and services and are able to present them in an optimum way. It makes certain that all sales professionals have a strong grasp of the organization’s and competitors’ business model and market position. This is followed by integrating steps, formats and tracking tools into internal practices, which standardize and monitor sales performance. The final piece to complete the picture comes with a rigorous training program that hones sales and communication skills within the sales force, and embeds solid sales planning and people motivation abilities within sales management.

Our Approach

Our approach is a tried and tested method that consistently yields tangible results for organizations we work with. Part of the groundwork that we do involves market research, competition analysis, benchmarking and assessment of customers’ perceptions, in order to fully understand the organization and present viable and relevant solutions. We also offer organizations the opportunity to integrate powerful technology tools that support the sales process, such as tracking software, social media-based solution centers, smart phone applications, instant messaging systems and others.