Performance Management

MCDA works closely with its clients to assist them in building an efficient and effective organization. With a creative and customized approach, MCDA provides a logical foundation in addressing all relevant factors and issues pertaining to the organization’s performance management. MCDA develops an understanding of each client’s business environment and organizational functioning through a series of strategic formulation sessions.

MCDA documents and analyses the current organizational structure and inter-relationships between all business units. Following this, MCDA provides an overall direction to the performance management needs as well as an overall framework of policies and procedures pertaining to the relevant business functions. Based on the conceptualization made in the preceding stage, MCDA develops detailed policies and procedures.

Long Term Success

During the course of the engagement with the client, MCDA incorporates the potential of further future developments in the organization. Therefore, our flexible solution shall address your current needs and serve as a platform for future development and growth.