COMPLETE PROJECTSStaff Augmentation & Training

MCDA CCG offers a better, more effective and efficient way to add staff and provide the training needed to complete projects

Staff Augmentation can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It can be used to handle a one-time project or can be a more long-term solution.

MCDA CCG understands the importance of picking the right candidate and we find new hires for a company if they do not have the time to do it themselves, or simply prefer not to. We guarantee that we can add people to an engagement in a very timely manner This can be very compelling and even necessary for a company with a tight project deadline, or one that is publicly traded.


Employee Education &

MCDA CCG consultants recognize the importance of creating knowledgeable and skilled employees within our clients. As a part of our services, our consultants seek to educate employee personnel in order to create a stronger and more successful client organization. Additionally, our consultants offer customizable education and training services to expedite the process of training your employees.

We recognize that sometimes accessing new talent is not the right option for your growth. MCDA CCG consultants offer services to train your employees, so you have the capability to promote from within your organization. Our oversight and assistance will make an employee’s upward transition easier on your business, along with your staff. This will expedite the process of creating skilled and successful employees within their new positions.

We see this requirement most commonly in the promotion of supervisors into the Controller role. The knowledge, responsibilities, coordination, project management, and time management skills of successful Controllers are very difficult to understand and manage for those who are new to the position. It can often become overwhelming and cause catastrophic effects to the management of your business. Our skilled consultants will assist new Controllers in their responsibilities and train them on the best way to handle their new position. This can be the fastest and most cost-effective way of accessing a skilled Controller who is well versed in your individual business operations.




Trusted Advisors

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