Utilizing Kaizen To Overcome Manufacturing Uncertainty And Change

Manufacturing is constantly facing new challenges, we are seeing very strong global competition, Industry 4.0 is transforming the industry, and we have millennials entering the workforce. Risks are evolving as well, constant economic uncertainty, and cyber security attacks are becoming a real threat to the industry. To remain competitive, manufactures cannot afford to proceed withContinue reading “Utilizing Kaizen To Overcome Manufacturing Uncertainty And Change”

Dodging the Financial Death Spiral

You will often hear people in finance talk about the death spiral. Generally speaking, this typically would involve a loan from investors to a company, and the investors would receive a type of convertible debt in return for making the loan. This type of debt would give the loaning investors the option of exchanging thatContinue reading “Dodging the Financial Death Spiral”

CEO Recap: Questions You Must Ask Weekly

When speaking to CEOs they are typically unsure how to evaluate their own company. Many CEOs will just push the task to the side since they do not know the best way forward. This can become extremely frustrating especially once it feels an impossible task to complete. In order to keep your business evolving andContinue reading “CEO Recap: Questions You Must Ask Weekly”