Don’t take the easy way out. Here is a lesson from history!

This is a very hard lesson for people to learn.  Society has made it so easy for people to take the easy road these days.  Parents, do yourselves a favor and do not give your kids the easy way out, teach them that hard work does pay off.  The world is a tough place, acceptContinue reading “Don’t take the easy way out. Here is a lesson from history!”


Ok CEO’s, enough is enough.  You are not the next Google, you are not “cool” and “trendy” you are just being stupid. The Ping-Pong and Pool Tables are insulting to the intelligence of employees.  We all want to be happy at work, us Americans spend a huge portion of our lives there, but employees aren’tContinue reading “OFFICE PERKS ARE STUPID! Yes, I said STUPID!”

Why taking risks comes with huge rewards!

I had a great 1.2.1. meeting this morning with a young member of our staff and the topic or risk came up….and no not the board game. If you ever want to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of, you will have to start taking positive, calculated risks.  It is a must to take chancesContinue reading “Why taking risks comes with huge rewards!”

Crap, I hired the wrong person!

I woke up this morning to a 6AM voicemail from a great client of mine with the following message, “FUCK MIKE!  I hired the wrong person, call me to discuss, I need help fixing this!” This is a painful situation for a CEO. You’ve had a gigantic gap in your executive team, and you findContinue reading “Crap, I hired the wrong person!”

What should I ask my new boss?

New boss coming to town?  Don’t freak out, don’t start thinking of new ways to kiss his or her ass, that never works. Before you can know what questions to ask, you need to ask yourself what you want to know. Barring urgent projects that can’t wait, keep your questions basic and to the point.Continue reading “What should I ask my new boss?”

It’s Not My Responsibility!

When I am going to facilitate a meeting or a training session, I arrive nice and early to set up the conference room to create a positive environment for all of the participants.  At the conclusion of the day, I make sure the room is tidy for the next facilitator.  However, even if I useContinue reading “It’s Not My Responsibility!”

What a mentor can do for you…

The word “mentor” has its roots in Greek mythology—Homer’s Odyssey to be exact—but the importance of this concept to career success is no myth. An experienced colleague, known as a mentor, can provide invaluable help to you as you begin your career and advance in it. When you are starting out you obviously know veryContinue reading “What a mentor can do for you…”

Is your coach fully committed?

In talking with new clients their number one complaint about previous consultants is that they feel neglected.  They feel their coach is not committed to them and that they have not been able to establish that one on one trust that they seek.  Coaching is a privilege and we do not take it lightly hereContinue reading “Is your coach fully committed?”

Do you have that employee that you just want to scream at? Are you frustrated?

I went home last night just pissed off at the world.  I have an employee that is under performing, and causing a lot of headaches in the office.  Employees are growing frustrated, I am growing frustrated, so now what?  I had to sit back and remove myself as the leader of the organization and reallyContinue reading “Do you have that employee that you just want to scream at? Are you frustrated?”

Rejected! Do you see rejection as a gift?

You have been rejected, damn, life is over!  WRONG. What would life be like if you could truly believe that rejection is a gift?  It would dramatically improve your lifestyle and success.  Why you ask?  Because rejection forces us all to see what we are doing wrong and make an adjustment to get a better result.Continue reading “Rejected! Do you see rejection as a gift?”