The battle between fear and motivation

Has fear ever gotten the best of your motivation? When this happens it can be very frustrating and disappointing. No motivation means little or no action. The end result is likely to be that another goal falls by the wayside. No matter how much you want to achieve your goal the lack of motivation willContinue reading “The battle between fear and motivation”

Run, Forrest, Run!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we are set to close week one of November, my brain has been fixated on the holidays.   Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Catherine’s obsession with Black Friday, Christmas, and of course the New Year.  With the new year comes the one thing that I hate the most, a New Year’s resolution.  IContinue reading “Run, Forrest, Run!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip – Why can’t people just shut their trap?

Let’s face it, gossip runs rampant in just about every workplace, right?  I swear that sometimes it seems as if people literally have nothing better to do than gossip about each other.  They talk about the company, they talk about co-workers, and OF COURSE they talk about their managers.  They can frequently take something thatContinue reading “Gossip, Gossip, Gossip – Why can’t people just shut their trap?”

How to get crap done when you are a busy person

I have 2 criteria for everything I do: 1. Does it move my life forward? 2. Does it move my business forward? Now some of you do not have your own business, but what you can relate it to is, Does it help my career go forward? If the answer is no, it doesn’t goContinue reading “How to get crap done when you are a busy person”

You have your team, but are they coachable?

Yesterday we talked about team building.  I sparked a lot of questions about individuals and small teams.  People wanted to know what to do if the individuals do not seem coachable…so here we go… Is your team coachable? If not, call us at MCDA – we can help! In any business, it is the managers’sContinue reading “You have your team, but are they coachable?”

I am a new manager and I think these people want to slash my tires… 

My thoughts have recently been thinking about all of my clients and family members that have recently aquired new employment as a manager.  I hear it all of the time from business leaders that I coach, “How do I know if my staff likes me?”  Well if you have to ask yourself that question moreContinue reading “I am a new manager and I think these people want to slash my tires… “

Do not let fear become part of your business.

Have you noticed that Halloween tends to get scarier as the years go by? When I was little Halloween meant dressing up as my favorite cartoon character, going door to door and getting all sorts of candy.  When I was a teenager it was more about dressing up as something “cool” like a zombie withContinue reading “Do not let fear become part of your business.”