Overhead And How To Reduce Overhead Costs

Overhead, otherwise known as overhead costs, refers to the ongoing expenses associated with operating a business. Understanding your overhead costs and keeping them under control is essential to success as a business owner. Overhead Costs Overhead costs represent business expenses that are not directly related to making a product or performing a service. Expenses suchContinue reading “Overhead And How To Reduce Overhead Costs”

Accelerate Revenue By Reducing Customer Churn

One of the most important KPI metrics that a startup business can measure is customer churn. Churn is a measurement of the percentage of accounts that cancel or choose not to renew their subscriptions in a given period, typically calculated for businesses with recurring monthly revenue streams such as a SaaS business. A high churn rate can negativelyContinue reading “Accelerate Revenue By Reducing Customer Churn”

What To Do If You Violate A Bank Covenant

At MCDA CCG our finance experts have over 80 years of client experience and inevitably, we have had clients that violated a bank covenant. Our advice is alway to be proactive and upfront and avoid having to be reactive. Bankers Hate Surprises Bankers are looking for clarity, certainty, and more importantly, communication! Their job isContinue reading “What To Do If You Violate A Bank Covenant”

Simple Ways To Save On Business Expenses

The costs associated with running a business seems to increase annually. As we are rapidly approaching 2021, without fail you will see everything getting more and more expensive. Rent, employee costs, travel expenses, all of it will likely increase. We have put together five simple ways in which you may be able to save aContinue reading “Simple Ways To Save On Business Expenses”