California: New Employment Laws for 2021

It’s time to prepare for the new year, which means that you and your organization must be aware of the latest labor and employment laws. More importantly, it’s time to revise your company handbooks to keep up with the new changes. For an in-depth analysis of how each law might affect your organization, contact yourContinue reading “California: New Employment Laws for 2021”

Evaluating Remote Employees: Online Performance Reviews

Evaluating Remote Employees What is the best way to evaluate remote employees? As the year-end approaches many companies are preparing for performance reviews. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace dynamics have been dramatically changed over the past few months. The word office has a whole new meaning now, from heavily reduced personal interaction and connectionContinue reading “Evaluating Remote Employees: Online Performance Reviews”

5 Tips on Becoming a Great HR Manager

As the Human Resources Manager you have some of the most consequential responsibilities within the office environment. A successful work environment depends heavily on interactions and the relationships of the individuals sharing the space. The HR manager is largely responsible to ensure these interactions are fostering a comfortable and productive work environment. You want toContinue reading “5 Tips on Becoming a Great HR Manager”

HR Audits & Why They Are Important

Having an HR audit conducted is a key component to help companies like yours avoid legal and regulatory liability. At MCDA CCG our audits will identify areas of legal risk and we will help you quickly resolve the findings. Our audits will make sure that you are in compliance with the countless employment laws, andContinue reading “HR Audits & Why They Are Important”


Did you receive a recent promotion? First leadership role? Maybe an advancement from your current company or organization?When you’re the new leader on the block, earning respect from peers and employees who don’t even know you can certainly be a struggle. A higher leadership status won’t automatically give you the authority or trust with yourContinue reading “7 WAYS TO EARN RESPECT AS A NEW LEADER”

Tips to Improve Your Business Acumen

It’s probably not a surprise to anyone but business acumen is one of the behavioral competencies in the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) competency model. It’s important to know the business, be able to talk about it, and make decisions to help the business grow. It can honestly be a challenge to develop business acumen.Continue reading “Tips to Improve Your Business Acumen”


With the sudden and somewhat overwhelming switch to remote work, many are finding ourselves trying to recreate the professional and social environments of our workplaces from our homes. From the awkward uncomfortable Zoom or Skype calls with entire teams to the sudden absence of water cooler talk, participating in the workplace culture now feels likeContinue reading “BUILD CULTURE- CONNECT WITH YOUR REMOTE TEAM”