Build Up Trust to Build Up Your Business

Small- business owners frequently talk about and are looking for ways to build up their business.  Most often, thoughts are focused on having the right products and/or services at the right price and selling to the right target market.

I have to say, these are key elements in building a sustainable business but just as they are necessary they are not sufficient.  Without trust and reliability, those elements can make a one-time sale, and that’s about it.

So now the big question.  How do you build trust?  Trust is built by actions, words and deeds.  It cannot be bought!  As and owner you really can’t ever quantify the level of trust that a customer has for he business.

Trust starts from your internal values and principles.  Building trust is NOT in what you SAY but in what you DO.  Trust is built on having a solid product and providing ongoing fair and dependable service.  Building trust needs to go beyond just your business; you need to think about building trust in your industry.

Developing trust begins with your customers.  You also need to drill down a bit and think  about suppliers, other business owners and the financial backers.  You even need to think about the trust relationship between you as the business owner and family members.  For many of my clients I see that family members are a critical part of that small business.

Small-business owners also must remember that they need to build trust in their local communities.  Building community trust is an important factor in terms of potential customers as well as in the terms or referrals and general community support.  I have seen business get great community support via Facebook Community pages, Instagram, etc.

Here are some specific ways to build trust:

  • Do what you promise
  • Meet, or beat, the deadlines you set
  • Acknowledge a mistake and correct it
  • Be authentic in your communications (verbal, email, etc)
  • Be transparent in your actions.
  • Be visible and active in your community

Trust is important in building a business. Companies seen as trustworthy are usually the most successful.



Do not let fear become part of your business.

Have you noticed that Halloween tends to get scarier as the years go by? When I was little Halloween meant dressing up as my favorite cartoon character, going door to door and getting all sorts of candy.  When I was a teenager it was more about dressing up as something “cool” like a zombie with tons of blood and going around door to door for candy, but also mixing in the occasional prank ( I apologize to all of my old neighbors).  Now as an adult with kids of my own I look for a good fright with a scary movie or some haunted house or theme park.

So what the heck does that have to do with anything?  Just remember, no matter what your age may be, fear should never be allowed to work its way into your business.  Fear will absolutely cripple your ability to take action, make necessary improvements and be successful.  So if your business is the scariest thing in your life this Halloween, here is a plan for success to help you conquer your fears.  Ready?

1. Set Goals

Setting challenging but achievable and realistic goals is a great way to get your business in the right direction. Decide what benchmarks you want to meet for the first quarter – the second quarter– and so on and determine how you’re going to measure whether or not you’ve met those goals.  While you sit down to write your goals, write down your method of measurement.  You cannot set a goal if you cannot measure it.

2. Take Action

Look at the goals you’ve set for yourself or your business. What needs to happen in order for you to meet those goals? Do you need to increase sales, increase marketing? Do you need to create a new marketing plan? Do you need to build new business systems? Create an action plan to meet whatever goals you’ve set.  With your action plan, assign the people responsible, it can be multiple people within your organization.

3. Monitor Results

Every few weeks you need to sit down and look at how your action plan is helping you meet your goals. What’s working? What’s not working? If you are able to meet your goal early, celebrate the success and set a new goal. If you’re not able to meet your goal this time, evaluate what you could be doing differently and make changes.

4. Make Adjustments

If you find that the action plan you’ve created to meet your goals just isn’t getting you any closer to those benchmarks, it’s time to make adjustments! For starters, look at your schedule and see where you’re spending your time. If you are able to free up more time by delegating lower level tasks, you can dedicate more time to meeting your goals.  Nothing is 100% set in stone.  Your mindset will make you feel that things shouldn’t change you must allow yourself to be flexible.

5. Take Additional Action

Whether it’s reorganizing your schedule and priorities to focus more on your goals or finding ways to set-up additional meetings with potential clients, sometimes meeting your goals successfully requires taking additional action – or different actions – along the way. Look at what adjustments you decided needed to be made and then take additional action.


Maybe you’ve been successful at meeting your goals and conquering your fears or maybe you still have some work to do. Either way, setting new goals, taking action, monitoring results, making adjustments and then taking additional action will always help you make improvements.

If you still have fear and you just can’t see yourself overcoming these obstacles reach out to one of our business coaches and we will walk you through process and be your protector.  We are not scared, we know how to lead the way.  Your business is the most important thing, let us help you.  Contact us today!