Gauging Trust in Your Work Relationships

How do you gauge the strength of the working relationships you have with your fellow colleagues, your subordinates, and your boss?  When I gauge the strength of my relationships, it all comes down to trust.  The trust I have in others and the trust they have in me.  If a high level of trust existsContinue reading “Gauging Trust in Your Work Relationships”


With the sudden and somewhat overwhelming switch to remote work, many are finding ourselves trying to recreate the professional and social environments of our workplaces from our homes. From the awkward uncomfortable Zoom or Skype calls with entire teams to the sudden absence of water cooler talk, participating in the workplace culture now feels likeContinue reading “BUILD CULTURE- CONNECT WITH YOUR REMOTE TEAM”

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip – Why can’t people just shut their trap?

Let’s face it, gossip runs rampant in just about every workplace, right?  I swear that sometimes it seems as if people literally have nothing better to do than gossip about each other.  They talk about the company, they talk about co-workers, and OF COURSE they talk about their managers.  They can frequently take something thatContinue reading “Gossip, Gossip, Gossip – Why can’t people just shut their trap?”

Team Building. Employee Excitement and Employee Motivation. Can you motivate your team?

Team Building – Employee Excitement and Employee Motivation An employee’s excitement and motivation for the job are at its peak when they are first hired to your organization.  However, it is pretty common that after settling into a routine of the daily grind, the excitement and motivation begins to fade.  So, before that happens theContinue reading “Team Building. Employee Excitement and Employee Motivation. Can you motivate your team?”