Training Workshops

As a leader in training design and development, MCDA has consistently delivered programs with an effective learning approach and content, high interactivity and user friendly design. Our programs can be developed in English, French, and Spanish.

Our People Development practice combines the benefit of a strategic and comprehensive approach, with a practical learning delivery process using the latest technology. It also integrates a thorough monitoring and evaluation process that enables the measurement of Return on Investment and effort put into training.

Insightful Approach

Our approach to People Development is all about helping both the organization and the individual succeed. At its root, it is not only the fundamental belief in people’s potential to be creative achievers, but the understanding that achievements come about only when individual development needs are in line with the organization’s strategic direction. MCDA helps organizations align goals and objectives with their people’s drive to learn and develop. We support your organization’s strategic goals and inspire commitment to learning through the careful alignment of people’s ambitions for growth with the organization’s pursuit for results.

Our approach is based on a multi-dimensional understanding of the dynamics that govern people’s behavior in an organization. An in-depth comprehension of the organization’s culture, people’s readiness, leadership capabilities, market influences and industry trends, enables MCDA’s team to guide clients on the best methodologies and initiatives that develop people and improve organizational performance.

We take a unique approach to the design of learning and development programs, by combining various elements that align with strategic goals, culture and current people capabilities, and make them the right fit for clients. MCDA offers a variety of learning experiences, including pre- and post- course work, electronic surveys, social media integration, work-based assignments, company-wide competitions, action plans, one-to-one coaching, follow-up activities and reflective reviews.

Programs that enlighten

We guarantee that learners go through an enriching experience that influences the way they think and behave both personally and at the workplace. We do this through a successful experiential learning approach, practical and customized case studies, thought-provoking learning technologies and implementation tools, combined with up-to-date learning content based on research and global best practice.

Our training programs have the right combination of learning content and skill-building activities that appropriately address business needs and respond to specific learning requirements. Available in various forms and sizes, they can be a mix of any of classroom workshops, outdoor experiences, study tours, distant learning, e-learning, coaching and mentoring, games and competitive contests.

Measuring the Benefit of Training

Our training evaluation process ensures that the results of training are measured, assessed and quantified, and can be clearly demonstrated to stakeholders of the organization as proof of the power of training. The evaluation starts at the very beginning of the entire training process, with strategic and tactical indicators put in place to measure success of the program. This is followed by tracking tools to measure various elements during and after program implementation.

MCDA places great emphasis on the need to measure Return on Investment and effort for every training assignment we undertake. Detailed reports are presented on completion, offering recommendations and amendments for the future so that the organization may benefit from the knowledge and experience gained.

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