FAST NIMBLE APPROACHTwo-Day Diagnostic Service

Why expend time and resources when a more focused approach will produce a greater return?

When an organization comes to us with a business challenge, management often has trouble identifying a root cause, let alone articulating potential solutions. Many times, clients reach out for a particular ask, only to determine that what they thought was necessary, is not what they need after all.

Through our flexible Two-Day Diagnostic Service, MCDA CCG’s Advisory professionals aim to discover the root cause and source(s) of a company’s unique problems, work collaboratively to define ‘success’ and begin to develop a roadmap for achieving overall strategic goals.


Diagnostic Service

At MCDA CCG, we value and honor our relationships and are proud of our success in helping clients tackle their business challenges. Whether your organization is experiencing a change in leadership, an internal business challenge, or an external threat, it can be advantageous to involve an independent perspective.

While many traditional consultants attempt to match their existing offerings to client problems, we take a different approach to first identify and explore the root cause of various challenges and then work collaboratively to develop tailored solutions that effectively address your specific needs. Our approach drives results and a path forward to help reduce stress, produce outcomes and enable leadership to demonstrate measurable progress. It’s a perfect first- step to getting answers, whether you’re looking for specific help around a focused project, or need guidance defining a broader strategy.




Trusted Advisors

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